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Bellot Idovia Foundation helps building sustainable communities in rural Haiti.


Bellot Idovia Foundation’s vision is to work cooperatively with the Haitian people on the island of La Toti so that citizens can support themselves and future generations. Our work is guided by the ethical principles of Permaculture:

  • Care of the Earth
  • Care of the People
  • Return the surplus to Earth and People (“Fair Share”)

Access to clean, safe drinking water has become our main priority within a list of growing concerns which includes reforestation, sanitation, educational programs, library, basic healthcare. Please visit our Project page to read more about our ongoing efforts.


Bellot Idovia Foundation was started by Antoine and Will Bellot, two natives of La Toti, Haiti. On a visit in 2004, Will was shocked and devastated by the soil erosion problems, the lack of trees, the limited access to clean safe drinking water, the lack of adequate food production, and the disappearance of entire communities due to mudslides and flooding. People had been forced to move further south from the hillsides, crowding existing communities on the coast. Seeing this and the desire to give something back to their community was the motivation to start BIF.


Louisaime Bellot and Idovia Cadet were the parents of the founders of the organization. They met in 1922 in Port-de-Paix where Idovia was born. Louisaime brought his beloved Idovia to his native village, La Valle, on the island of La Toti, where they were married and Idovia gave birth to their 20 children. Unfortunately, 8 of the children did not survive.

Louisaime had a passion for agriculture and made his living as a farmer. Idovia worked very hard alongside her husband, as they together raised crops and cared for their large family. Both Louisaime and Idovia loved people and looked for opportunities to give. They enjoyed sharing from what they had to help those in need. They were well known for their generosity. Louisaime and Idovia’s example and legacy of giving continues through their children, grandchildren, and now this organization.

The marriage of Louisaime and Idovia lasted 38 years, until the death of Louisaime in 1967. Idovia passed away in 1993. They were both buried in their beloved village of La Vallee on La Toti.

The Bellot Idovia Foundation has been formed in honor of Louisaime and Idovia Bellot to carry on their spirit of love and giving.

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