BIF hosts cholera workshops

BIF representative Thelusma Renel leads cholera workshop

One of the major goals of the Bellot Idovia trip in November 2010 was to help prevent the spread of the deadly Cholera epidemic to the island of Latoti. We hosted four community workshops in various towns on the island to educate people on prevention and treatment of the disease. BIF representative Thelusma Renel led a workshop in Plasneg. Other workshops were held in Nangrigri and two in Lavalle, malady led by Wilner Premilien and Jonas Smith. While the workshops were held in these towns, many people travelled from surrounding communities such as Nanbouchi, Boukangep, Kreyas, Omilo, Lasous, and Nanfifine to participate. As of this posting, there have been very few deaths from Cholera on Latoti and none since these workshops were held.

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