A hope for clean water in Ti Jonas


A young boy reaches down to collect water from an open well in Ti Jonas.

 The primary objective of BIFs November 2010 trip to Latoti was to assess seven community water sources for accessibility and cleanliness. This was done at the request of a local women’s group called Tet Ansanm (“Heads Together”). They had long expressed concern about the safety of drinking the water from the well at Ti Jonas, as well as the danger of an open well. As it is, the well is vulnerable to contamination from debris and water is often fetched by children who run the risk of falling into the well.

BIF members travelled to wells in Lasous, Montri, Monder, Rosolye, Lavalle, Ti Jonas and Ti Bwa Nef to take samples, measure distances, and document the functionality of the water sources. In collaboration with Tet Ansanm, we are moving forward with plans for a water infrastructure project to develop more accessible and safe sources of filtered drinking water. This project is made ever more urgent in the wake of the disastrous Cholera epidemic.

Some members of Tet Ansanm takes a break to receive a water filter and sanitation guide from BIF.

To support our efforts to bring clean and safe drinking water to this community, please contact us and/or make a donation.

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