School Library Project 

We are setting up the first library on the Island in a public school. Our initial goal was to provide 50 books on 1 book shelf, on mostly school related subjects. The books are in French, Creole and English language.

The members of the local commitee who manages the library are :
1-Corneil SERVEUS, manager in chief
2-Brithney Kisha Herine JEAN, Secretary
3-Cafonie BELLOT, Secretary in chief
4-Ernso Laurens PREMILIEN


Student Aid Project

Sponsors a Child through a school year which costs $200 for grades 1-6 and $300 for grades 7-12.

We are currently looking for Sponsors to help the following children go through school. They are all students of Collège Mixte Amos Comenius, in La tortue, La vallée (Tels : 36342365 /37451690/33597145).

If you would like to become a Sponsor please contact us or visit our Donation page.  

Here are the Students’ introduction letters:

  1. From : Cafonie BELLOT
    To : Foundation BELLOT Idovia
    Subject :  A request for School Support    

    My name is Cafonie BELLOT and I am 16 years old and on my way to High School. Following my High School studies, I would like to go to Nursing School. Unfortunately, my parents do not have the means to help me finish my High School studies let alone pay for my studies in Nursing School. To the extent that I know that Foundation Bellot Idovia can help me find the means to realize my dreams, they are simply beyond my father’s support who alone has 13 children with different mothhers to take care of.
    I count on you, Mister Antoine just I count on your wife, Denise Pitman.
    The Lord will reward both of you you for your assistance.

    I also thank you for the good assistance you give young people in our community.
       Cafonie BELLOT


From: Julnise GEORGES
To : Foundation BELLOT Idovia

My name is Julnise GEORGES and I am 19 years old and currently in the second year in in High School.

Greetings to you Antoine Bellot and your wife Denise PITTMAN. I am happy to be able to write to you to congratulate you for the work your Foundation Bellot Idovia is doing helping young people progress with their studies.  As you know Haiti is a very poor country where my father, for instance, has 6 children without the means to help them. After my studies, my dream is to go to Nursing school and with the assistance of your foundatin I will be able to realize my dream without doubt.                I hope that you will think about the young like me in Haiti and help us out with our thanks.


From : Widley DESTILIEN
To  :Foundation BELLOT Idovia
Subject : School Scholarship

It is an honor to write to you and to thank you and congratulate you for your assistance to young people who cannot attend school.

I am a young man who is 16 years old who for years has been unable to attend school because my mother cannot afford to pay for it. Occasionally, friends help. As for my father, he has 6 children with my mother and 11 with another woman for a total of 17 kids.

This is why I write to Foundation Bellot Idovia, headed by you Antoine Bellot and your wife Denise Pitnan, to help me complete my studies and later on study engineering.

With your assistance, my dreams will become a reality.                                  DESTILIEN Widley


From : Lanes COLASSAINT 
To : Foundation BELLOT Idovia
Subject : School Scholarship.

I salute you in the name of Jesus  who is all powerful and has put us on this earth on the path of those who need assistance to help them as best as we can.. I am a young man who is 23 years old who has not been able to complete high dchool becasue my father died leaving 5 kids with my mother who produced 6 more with another man.

My goal is to finish high school and to study education over 4 years hopefully with the assistance of Foundation Bellot Idovia.

May God bless you.                                                                                              Lanes COLASSAINT


From : Rose Mirca BELLOT
To  : Foundation BELLOT Idovia
Subject: Scholarship.

To day it is  a pleasure to write to you, members of the Foundation Bellot Idovia, and I am happy to learn it helps kids who cannot go to school. I am a young woman with a lot of determination to help her community but whose parents do not have the means to finance her education. I am writing to please ask for your help.

I have passed the official examination and moving to high school. I need assistance to undertake a university education to become a nurse, a skill badly needed in my community. That is what motivates me.

I hope you can help me realize my dream.

  Rose Mirca BELLOT