Latoti families get their filters!

In the picture above, drug Antoine Bellot delivers a water filter to the family of Lunes Cius. Similar water filters, viagra sale donated by BIF member Carl Scheidenhelm, sick were give to six  families in Latoti, Haiti. Waterborne diseases cause 70% of the preventable illnesses in Haiti, and these filters can save lives. The filter shown will provide this family with clean drinking water for 3 years! At a cost of roughly $70. Families must complete a water filtration workshop and water safety class before receiving a filter from Bellot Idovia Foundation.

“Health is priceless…

But water filters are relatively cheap.”

Please donate to Bellot Idovia Foundation today.

Your donation will go directly towards providing a filter for a family, covering an open well, and building a sustainable infrastructure in rural Haiti.

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