Let the Sunshine In!

Cafe Sou Monn Logo Art

“Mmmm, So good!”

Our distinct Haitian Bleu Mountain Coffee comes to you from small, independently owned coffee farms in rural Haiti. Once the standard worldwide, Haitian coffee has a smooth, rich flavor, with a hint of natural sweetness. After decades, the “Land of Mountains” offers you her finest, shade-grown, hand picked coffee.

Once you try it, we are confident “Cafe Sou Monn” will become your favorite home brew!

We offer Dark Roast, Medium Roast, and Light Roast varieties to suit a variety of tastes.


Beyond Fair Trade…

Our supply chain yields the maximum profit for the independent coffee growers, by giving them fair trade prices upfront for their beans. Once the coffee is sold wholesale in the USA, the profits go back to the growers! Roasted to perfection, and sold by Bellot Idovia Foundation, ALL proceeds from the sale of “Cafe Sou Monn” Haitian Bleu Mountain Coffee go directly towards funding our Clean Water and Reforestation projects! Every cup you drink not only supports hard working farmers, but also projects which help build sustainable communities in rural Haiti!


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