Well Site Development

Well Site Development

Wells are chosen for retrofit based on the size of the community they serve, their level of contamination and the overall condition of the well. Once a well site is chosen and plans are drawn for improvements, Bellot Idovia Foundation staff and volunteers make the trip to Latoti, bringing whatever supplies cannot be purchased in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

We employ members of the community when constructing and retrofitting the well sites, providing a needed source of income for residents.

Upon completion of a well we establish a Water Committee from the community members who are trained and educated about repairing, maintaining the well and managing the well site.

The retrofitting of a given well will be performed in several stages:

  1. Well opening and interior will be improved and strengthened.
  2. A sloped “apron” of concrete will be poured around the well opening, preventing runoff from entering the well.
  3. A concrete base will be poured and placed over the well opening, fitted with a strong metal cover.
  4. A manual pump will be installed on the concrete base.
  5. A small pavilion will be constructed, made of concrete block, wood frame, and metal roofing. This will house the well, covering it from rain, and establishing a fenced area around the well.
  6. Community rules and use policies will be put in place to manage the use of the well and protect the surrounding area from misuse, which could result in contaminating the well.

Once complete, the second phase of the project will provide the community with a safe, protected water source.

Projected Cost

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