Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is comprised of compassionate, generous individuals who have made a commitment to dedicate their time, abilities, and resources to uplift the people and communities in Rural Haiti. Each of us bring our own unique skills, talents, and passion to the organization. As volunteers, all of us spend long hours brainstorming, organizing, and working towards the goals of our organization and the success of our projects and programs.

Antoine Bellot
Born on the small island of Latoti, off the northern coast of Haiti, Antoine Bellot grew up in a rural Haitian community. The youngest of 20 children, he left his small island at age 15. After finishing High School, he boarded a small boat and began a long journey, to the Bahamas, then to Florida, and finally to the San Francisco Bay Area, where he has spent the last 30 years. Antoine attended City College of San Francisco, and has held many occupations, from construction, to customer service. He currently works for Orowheat, dedicating the rest of his time to Bellot Idovia Foundation. Antoine has a gift of organizing and working with people, and is committed to using that gift to give back to the people in his village in Latoti. Antoine Bellot strongly believes that everyone has a human right to basic needs, and will do everything he can to help the people of Latoti achieve independence and sustainability. His parents, Louissaime Bellot and Idovia Cadet believed that if one member of the community suffers, we all suffer. Through Bellot Idovia Foundation Antoine strives to honor that belief and continue its legacy. Antoine is fluent in Haitian Kreyol, and English.
Denise Pittman
Denise Pittman has served as Co-Director for Bellot Idovia Foundation for over 8 years. In that time she has traveled to Latoti, pilule Haiti multiple times, and has personally taken part in many of our projects. Denise also spearheads our efforts to build leadership on the island, helping the native people organize and form community groups focused on specific issues.
Attila Horvath
Vice President
Attila feels very fortunate to be working with Bellot Idovia Foundation. He is excited to contribute to the success of the organization in creating long lasting, positive change in the life of the people of Latoti, Haiti. He brings his volunteering experiences ranging from Hurricane Katrina relief to various Central American and US based organizations. He holds an M.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering and has worked in several countries at various environments from university research to full scale production. He works now as Senior Development Engineer for a San Francisco based research firm. He is an outdoors man at heart, permacultre designer, homesteader. He is native to Hungary and lives in Richmond, California with his wife, Lauren Horvath and their growing baby, chickens and bees.
Lauren Horvath
As secretary, Lauren Horvath brings to Bellot Idovia a long history of non-profit board service and experience. Currently she is a Research Administrator at the University of California, Berkeley assisting with proposal development and submission for research funding. Lauren has previously served on the Board of Directors for 3 Rivers Market, a Natural Food Cooperative in Knoxville, TN, the Chancelor’s commission on Diversity at the University of Tennessee, and as secretary of the Volcano Community Association in Volcano, Hawaii. Lauren has a history of writing grants to put together conferences for community cohesion and awareness along with a long commitment to environmental and diversity issues. Currently she is taking horticulture/permaculture classes at Merrit College in Oakland, CA to increase her knowledge of sustainable gardening practices along with her husband, Attila Horvath. Together they have created a garden oasis out of their back yard and look forward to sharing their knowledge. Lauren is passionate about giving her time and experience to help bring awareness and support to the people of Latoti.
Carl Scheidenhelm
Carl is a founding partner of SF Architecture, an architectural design firm he established with a strong commitment to sustainable design. By regularly supporting community and non-profit organizations with pro-bono architectural services, he exemplifies his belief that real sustainable design not only considers and responds to the environment, but also enhances the social and economic vitality of the communities that we live in. Carl has worked with the Bellot Idovia Foundation since 2010, focusing on clean developing and maintaining water sources, community organizing and sustainable development projects. Leader of Water Committee.
Jon Gausman
I do basic architecture, project planning and management, web, graphic art & design, and organize funding for the organization. I am a San Francisco native, proud and hard-working father of two, with a vision of a better world and a more compassionate human community. My involvment Bellot Idovia projects include Clean Water, Reforestation, Sanitation, Education, and Renewable energy.

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